This Too Shall Pass

“I am convinced that staying relaxed and compassionate with myself, in the face of a mountain of vegetables or a mountain of worry over my son’s picky eating, is among the very best things I can do for my family.”
Lisa Moussalli of Frog Bottom Farm

M’s latest thing is to say “My Mommy,” “My Turn,” “My” this and “my” that.  And not in a nice tone.  I have to remind myself that at one point she threw up every time she ate.  I was convinced she would be the first grader gagging on her peanut butter sandwich and spewing all over the cafeteria table that she’d be sitting at all alone because no one would sit with that kid that always gags on her lunch.  And that hardly ever happens anymore.  Then, when she started talking, one of her first phrases was “not nice.” – also not in a pleasant tone.  This was the catch phrase used at daycare and then at home when she’d through her food off her tray.  It seemed to work and then she started saying it to others – the dog, the other kids, a stranger on the street who drops change by accident.  Cute at first, and then just something I wished would go away.  I am not opposed to raising a rule follower like myself, but a snitch? Maybe not ideal.  And now, the super possessive attitude.  Again, I think it’s just the age.  Bigger kids, bigger problems.  Looking forward to seeing what’s next and then looking back and laughing about how silly this was.



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  1. colleen says:

    I need to get on that ‘staying compassionate with myself in the face of getting my child to eat’ thing too. Great quote and great post. Can’t imagine how daycare must handle a bunch of 1.5 year olds running around saying ‘not nice’. Hilarious and scary at the same time!

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