First Year of Preschool





M has just completed her first year of preschool. She’s attending a Montessori School three towns over from ours. While the commute isn’t always awesome and will be worse next year because I am not working near the school anymore, I am still glad we decided on this amazing school. Next year S will attend the toddler program and both girls will be in the same school! I will drop them both off in the mornings before work and R will now be in charge of picking them up on the way home from work each afternoon. It’s going to be an adjustment, but after spending a year with this amazing community, we just couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.

She’s had such a great year! She can count to 100 with just a little help. She can write and spell her full name. She has learned more than I could even begin to document. She amazes us daily with new things. Her teachers are thoughtful and caring.Summer will be nuts, but it will be nice to have life slow down a little bit without having to rush everyone out the door every morning (just me now). Look how much my big girl has changed in less than a year!

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 4.05.32 PM

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