Summer Solstice

What a perfect summer solstice. Only thing missing was Daddy. He was gone today but he’ll back tomorrow for more summer fun. It’s been a great one so far, even if it’s only one day old.

We hit up a local farm and their amazing creamery. We saw a cow that was less than two hours old and trying to learn to nurse. M was cheering the little calf and the mama on. I’m a proud mama. I’m proud that my daughter knows all about nursing and vaginas and *now* what a placenta is. Well, not all about vaginas. (Speaking of, we’ve recently added this book to our kid library.) Back to the cow. I was cheering on that mama too and it made me feel slightly shell shocked remembering what it feels like to have a brand new baby that doesn’t know how to nurse.

My girls have a tough time together, but they are having more moments of love lately and it’s just filling me with love. I see a wonderful life full of adventures ahead of us. It’s not that I wish the baby years away, it’s just that the adventure years seem like they’re going to be pretty cool. You know the years when they are potty trained and old enough to remember adventures but young enough to still want to take adventures with their dorky parents.

Now that R is done with school and I have a job where I don’t have to rush around as much in the morning, we’ve been spending time together as a family of four cuddling in our bed every morning. Some mornings it’s all hair pulling and kicking, but today it was all cuddles and nice words. Love it! PERFECT summer day, just missing Daddy.

6-21-14 3 girls (2) 6-21-14 3 girls

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