Bigger Kids, Bigger Problems

Have you ever heard the old saying – “bigger kids, bigger problems?” It might seem pessimistic to think things with my kids will only get worse as they get older, but instead I try to keep this saying in mind to calm me when I’m worrying about something with one of my two small kids. Yes, whatever is going on is hard, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that big. And while it usually does settle me down about whatever it is I’m stressing out about, it also usually breaks my heart to imagine the things that they could face when they’re older. If the little things are tough, the big things are bound to really test you as a parent.

For instance, my daughter started a new school in September. Some might call it non-traditional (it’s Montessori). Now, I went to Montessori preschool and my mom is a retired Montessori preschool teacher, so luckily I know what my three year old is talking about when she comes home telling us that today she folded the laundry and had a lesson on the binomial cube. But my heart broke when I asked her what friends she sat with at lunch during those first few days and she answered, “no one.”

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