Kid Yoga

On Friday night, I took M to her first yoga class. One of our local studios offers a mommy and me class. There are actually a few around that offer family yoga, usually once a month. I’m looking forward to attending this one again. We did some yoga, played some little games, om’ed. It was great and she loved it. At the end, the teacher asked for volunteers and M helped pass out this little pansy plants to everyone.  We enjoyed planting them together this weekend (well, R planted and she ran around the yard). At the end of the class, she broke down in tears. When I finally got her to tell me why, it was because we “forgot to do cow’s face pose.” You can see it here, on the second to last photo. I had to try to explain that there are thousands of poses and we can’t do them all every time.  The teacher said to be sure to ask to do that one next time. It took a while for me to convince her to leave, but not until after we rolled out her mat and did Cow’s Face. And she refused to put her shoes on. Sometimes I have to pick my battles.
(This was also the first night S had a babysitter and I needed to get home!)


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