3-23-13 M w Fruit

Really want to capture some of the hilarious things M is saying these days.

Daddy: Hey M, don’t . . .
M: Don’t say Hey, Hay is for Horses!

– She refers to my chest as “S’s food”
– EVERY TIME I pour her milk:
M: Is this coconut mlk?
Me: No, it’s regular milk.
M: Oh, cause it smells like coconut milk.

Why is S crying?
Why is S happy?

S, you’re wakin’ me up (even when she’s sitting in her chair eating and not even near nap or bedtime)

What’s this one about? (She asks about each song on the radio, when she’s not insisting we listen to only Steve Songs)

She’s also excited that she knows how to do “yoga” – here are a few photos (I totally posed her like this, she doesn’t really do yoga regularly!)

3-20-13 Cow's Face Pose 3-20-13 Yoga Girl

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