Bubble Beard and First Bath

Bath time is fun time around here, at least when Daddy is in charge (Mommy is all business). M has been loving having Grandpa Ron here and wants to have a bubble beard at every bath so she can be just like Grandpa.

2-2-13 M Bubble Beard

She declared this weekend that she cannot go in a boat (canoe) because she doesn’t have a beard. We think it’s because Grandpa and these guys all have beards. We set her straight – you can’t go in a canoe because you can’t swim.

We’ve kind of been slackers on bathing S. At least it’s winter! She isn’t nearly as sticky as I remember M being at this age, but it was the middle of summer and she did A LOT of spitting up. We finally gave S her first sponge bath and she’s had one shower with us since then.  She didn’t hate either, so that’s good!

Here she is asleep (as usual) pre-bath:

1-30-13 Pre first bath S

During bath:

1-30-13 S first bath 2

And after bath:



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