I can’t believe I have this little person that I can just talk and talk with. I thought I should probably take a little time to jot down all the funny stuff she’s saying lately, so I don’t forget, and her funny little routines. I could fill this whole screen with the “no’s” and the “I don’t want to’s” but I’ll stick to the cute and funny stuff.

Our Drive to School – Every day we drive by a car dealership with those balloon like things lining the fence and everyday we talk about them. First she sees them when we’re at the light waiting to turn onto that street and says, “I want to go closer to the balloons.” Then as we go by them she talks about how one fell down (when it snowed) but someone picked it up and it’s ok now.  She also points out the grocery store, the gas station and the fire station.  We usually see school buses, so she talks about those. She says she’ll keep her eye out for a city bus and we usually see one of those too.  She asks me why I am sitting in the front seat, “why did we stop?”, “why is the light red?”.  She tells me, “there’s a green light for you.” She looks for the moon, we sing songs – mostly ABCs and Twinkle Twinkle together, but she knows so many songs from school.

Bath time and Bed time – She’s really into taking her own clothes off and putting them into the laundry basket. She always wants to go on the big potty before bath time and then asks for an M n M and a sticker. She always wants “big bubbles” in the tub. She must be the one to squeeze the toothpaste and she must put the toothbrush away “next to daddy’s.” She brushes by herself first and then we take a turn brushing together. She also brushes her tongue and then puts the non-brush end to her belly button and says “Belly Button – Boop” which is something her dad started. When she gets out of the bath, she runs out into the kitchen where I am doing dishes and wants to show me “her bum.”  Her dad always sings her this song at bedtime, which she calls “Come Along and Listen” (actually it’s Lullaby of Broadway).  She gets two books – one for her to “read” and one for us to read. Lately her favorite is If You Give a Mouse a Cookie but she can also “read” you Cookie’s Week from cover to cover. When I put her to bed we sing “Om Shanti” and do the “Toe Song” which is me telling her to relax her body from her toes to her head, naming each body part – something my dad used to do with me when he’d put me to bed.  Sometimes she says SHE wants to do the toe song which then turns into her saying Relax your toes, Relax your feet, Relax curtains, Relax teddy bear, Relax Mommy, Relax . . . (and she names off every person and thing she knows or sees in the room).

Baby Brother/Sister – She’s not super into her baby brother or sister.  I think it would be easier to talk up if we knew the gender.  She says Baby Sister a lot when I ask her, but sometimes says Baby Brother. She wants to name a baby sister “Kid” and a baby brother “Hummus Chocolate.” She likes to kiss my tummy and she talks about how her baby sister will sit in the backseat of the car with her, but not in the way back with Izzie.

Izzie and Jasper – She treats Izzie more like a sibling than a pet. She likes to have her chase her but sometimes she tells Izzie to “give me some space.” She tells me to tell Izzie to “stop wagging her tail.” She likes giving Izzie a treat, and can tell her to sit, lay down and roll over. She feeds Izzie dinner nearly every night and enjoys letting her outside to go to the bathroom. I open the big door and she opens the little door (screen/storm door). Sometimes when she gets too close to Jasper I ask her, “What are Jasper’s ears (or eyes) telling you?” and she’ll say “Walk Away” or ” No Thank You.”  She knows that the cat will bite her.

Random – Mornings after she has a babysitter, she always wakes up asking where the babysitter is.  She’ll say something a week or so after something has happened, bringing up something that she’s gotten in trouble for or been spoken with about. For example, “Today I won’t poke Daddy in the eye.” And I just say, “Ok, sounds like a good plan.” She was all about getting herself in her booster seat until she fell getting up there the other day, now she wants us to do it. She doesn’t want to be pushed into the table until she asks you to push her into the table. She has to pick out her own diaper. She loves to have tea parties, setting up all of her stuffed animals.  She even washes the dishes in her sink when she’s done and lays them out on the towel to dry. She loves wearing her slippers and 9 times out of 10 gets them on the correct feet! When we’re on the phone with my parents sometimes she’ll go get something so she can show it to them and she’ll hold it up to the phone. She likes to be the one to hang up the phone, and makes my parents count to 3 before they all hang up. She says “so much” when you ask her if she knows how much you love her. She loves taking her vitamin with breakfast. She loves waving to our neighbor when we leave every morning, even if he’s not out there.

It’s just so neat to see how she’s become her own little person. I can’t wait to see how she interacts with our new little one, which we will be meeting in EIGHT WEEKS! Yikes.

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3 Responses to M-isms

  1. 3shadesblack says:

    I just laughed out loud at “hummus chocolate”. Amazing. xx

  2. ACH says:

    M is such a sweet and funny little gal. What a great record of her “latest and greatest” -isms! You’ll read this (and all your other wonderful posts) someday and laugh and cry. xx

  3. Beth Haines says:

    Precious, Jennifer. You will be so happy to have these wonderful musings when M is your age! Wish I had fine this. I have to rely in my poor little brain….and my heart!!

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