Christmas Activities

Finally, we did something Christmas-y. On Friday night, we got hot chocolate and drove by a house that has great lights and broadcasts corresponding music on a radio station. The light show was not happening when we were there, but it was fun to see all the lights. On Saturday, M and I went the oldest public art museum in the United States for the Festival of Trees and a bunch of kids’ activities with her good friends L and J.  The crafts were a little old for her, but she had a great time with them anyways. It was sensory overload and the adults were outnumbered but a great time was had by all.  We both took 2.5 hour naps that afternoon!
IMG_3640 IMG_3645On Sunday, we did our Christmas craft that we’ll give to her teachers and our family.  I wasn’t sure how long it would hold her attention, but since she was working with her dad on it she didn’t lose interest (it’s so neat how much she adores him).  I couldn’t thank him enough for taking on a project like that – something that I signed up for but he made a reality.


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  1. ACH says:

    LOVE the photos of her and Luke! I think M is going to have a very good time with Christmas this year. :)

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