Oh my goodness, really, no posts in over a month?! I’m so ashamed.  That’s a month of my kid’s life totally undocumented. I looked back at the photos on my computer – almost none! Tisk Tisk. Well, I have tons of excuses. We’ve been house hunting a little closer to R’s work and a little closer to where my office will be moving as of Sept 1. We had our realtor over to look at our house – can we even sell it? We needed new carpet and some color on the walls. Luckily a good friend is a good painter too and he came over on his only day off a week for several weeks, painting one room at a time each week. So, the house has felt a little out of whack for a while. A week ago we packed up a lot of stuff and the new carpet was installed in the entire house, minus bathroom, kitchen and dining room. It looks great! On Monday, the house goes on the market. It’s estimated we’ll get exactly what we paid for it 8 years ago, but I just couldn’t bring myself to list it at that price, so we’ve listed $10k above the 2004 sale price, in hopes we can make some “profit.” We put the house hunting on hold. What’s the point, if you can’t even sell the house you already own?

Also during this time, R’s mom came to visit for a week, my parents arrived and M had a bought of sickness and possible dehydration that took us to the hospital for an afternoon. How cute is she in this mini hospital gown?

Also, R has been given another class to teach at school, so is now officially a full time teacher and I graduated after my almost year long, 200 hour yoga teacher training and am a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher.

It’s been a crazy month. I’m sure I’m leaving out some things!

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