Girls’ Weekend

We had a girls’ weekend this weekend as R headed to Florida for four nights. It’s not the longest he’s been away from M, but it’s the longest he’s been gone where I haven’t had help. We had a great time. I kept my cool in tough situations, M slept like a champ (until 7am one day even!) and we did some fun stuff. Thursday night we just laid low. Friday night we hit up the downtown Blues Fest. Saturday we delivered a freezer to some friends, we went to music class, but couldn’t stay because Home Depot called to say they were on their way to come measure for our new carpet. We went to the grocery store. We cooked Black Bean and Quinoa Chili and Cornbread Muffins for (my) dinner. Sunday we met with a landscaping guy about what’s left of our tree in the front yard from the October snow storm. I can’t believe we’re still cleaning up from that. We hit two planned and three unplanned open houses. We spent some time coloring and some more time giggling. It was a nice weekend, but we’re glad to have R back tonight.


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