Neighborhood Church

When you walk around the corner from my downtown office, there is a beautiful church. The stained glass is breathtaking.  It’s visible from some of the offices at my company, but unfortunately not mine.  They have a noon mass everyday.  I think it’s a short one, only half an hour – a lunchtime mass.  I’ve only been inside once, to light a candle for a dear friend, hoping that doing so somehow helped with her loss. I forget it’s there sometimes, that church.  It has a beautiful sunken courtyard.  It’s always there, but only every once in a while do I remember to look down and really enjoy it.  To me, it looks like a sanctuary, down there below the bustle of the downtown streets.  I long to go in the gate and down the stairs, but I never see anyone in there, so assume it’s off limits.  I have a co-worker who attends that church and drops off homemade casseroles once a month or so, I’ll have to ask him.  When I do remember to look, I feel really peaceful when I see it.

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1 Response to Neighborhood Church

  1. sherrybelul says:

    I feel like I got to visit this lovely little sunken court churchyard just now. So peaceful! Thanks for sharing it. :-)

    Hey, I’m trying to track down your email address because you won a prize in the Plant a Kiss Blog Hop Party. Thanks for joining us for the fun.

    Can you email me at sherry at simplycelebrate dot net?

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