Not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but I’ve been looking at houses in the town where R works. My office is planning a move, so that area would be a little closer for both of our commutes.  I’m not having much luck, and I’m realizing what a pain it is to sell a house and buy a house at the same time.  But goodness, we need another bathroom – badly! So, we decided to take our tax return and move forward with new carpet and interior paint for the whole house. If we move, it will help us sell the house, and if we don’t, we’ll get to enjoy it and feel better about what we do have. I had a friend over to help me pick out paint colors tonight and M decided to throw up ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE.  Thank goodness my friend was calm and cool, and didn’t seem too grossed out by the whole thing – she even helped me clean up.  We had one more small incident after bath time, but I’m hoping we’re done with that for the night.  This has been yet another busy week, with R working 5 out of 7 nights again (only last Monday and next Sunday nights off).  We’ll be tag teaming parenting tomorrow, with him working in the morning and me going to work in the afternoon/evening. Thank goodness it’s almost Friday!

Whole Food Kitchen recipes since last posting: Creamy Italian Wheatberry and Kale Bake and Thai Noodles with Orange Ginger Dressing.

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