Two Monks!

No matter how many there are of something, if you ask M how many, she says two.  And she says it in a super cute way that typing just can’t convey.  So, I’d been prepping her that today we were going to see some monks.  And so she said, “TWO MONKS” when we saw them.  Let me back up.  When we first arrived in the sanctuary she said “Daddy bass,” since last time we were there, Daddy was playing the bass.  That was at least a month ago. Stuff like that reminds me that she’s no longer a baby!  Back to the monks.  Our Unitarian Church is hosting Tibetan Buddhist Monks from the Gaden Jangtse Monastery in South India.  The Tsawa Monks are on a “peace tour” of the United States to raise awareness about Tibetan Buddhism and culture.  Today they offered a blessing of the children and some chanting during our regular service.  It was great, except that M was totally full of it, and, after behaving for the blessing, just wanted to run around.  I did get her to settle down in time to hear the chanting at the end.

Overall our weekend was nice and relaxing with no plans beyond music class and the monk visit.  We all napped for 3 hours of Saturday and all had insomnia in some form or another on Saturday night.  Photo below is Izzie and M trying to get me and R up from our nap.

Since I last posted I’ve tackled a few more recipes from Whole Food Kitchen.  We tried Orange Balsamic Chicken, Honey Ginger Baked Salmon, Caramel Apple Oats, Lemon and Garlic White Bean Pasta, Strawberry Banana Oat Muffins and Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesadillas with homemade Whole Wheat Tortillas.  The class is now over, but I’ve just scratched the surface of the recipes.  Looking forward to teaching yoga and heading to Upstate New York for my cousin’s wedding in the next few weeks.

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