Girls’ Weekend Away

About two and a half weeks ago or so I finally scratched my persistent travel itch.  Please forget that we went to Florida for over a week for Christmas, that’s irrelevant at this time.  There were two bigs things pulling me to North Florida this past weekend. My cousin and his wife just had a new baby, Cameron and my college roommate, Sharon and her husband are expecting a baby in April.  Originally I had planned to be in Gainesville at the same time as my cousin from Boston, but because of work, that didn’t work out.  The flight there was pretty uneventful.  M was awake for the whole first flight but was a good girl and enjoyed the extra seat next to me.  She fell asleep just as we were landing and slept through the quick layover and second flight.  She even slept through the car ride to my aunt and uncle’s and went right to bed when we arrived. It was so wonderful to meet Cameron. His mom is a champ, birthing his 10lb 8 oz self with no drugs!  He slept through most of our visit, waking up only to pee on himself and me while I changed his diaper (I have no experience with boys) and to poop on my shirt on another occasion.  Boys!  His parents looked remarkably well, although it sounds like they aren’t getting much sleep.  Chatting about all the new baby stuff had me doing a lot of reminiscing about those first days with Miss M.  After two quick nights in Gainesville, we were off to Jacksonville to see Sharon and Sarmad.  My dad had driven up from South Florida to hang out with us a bit in Gainesville and was nice enough to drive us over to Jacksonville.  We laid low at Sharon and Sarmad’s, checking out the new nursery, napping (3 whole hours at a time one day!), playing at the park and in their backyard.  It was so great catching up and talking to some awesome and excited parents-to-be.  The plane trip home wasn’t awesome, but also wasn’t really worth complaining about.  She was awake for both flights and was really cranky and fidgety during the second, longer flight.  We were lucky to be able to move our seats and have the center seat open.  All in all it was an awesome trip with awesome company.  I loved spending some quality time traveling with my girl and visiting great friends and family.  Thank you to everyone who hosted us and to those who sat near us on the plane rides!

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