I’m Finally Smart

I’ve finally entered the smart phone era.  Hey, better late than never.  I can’t believe what I was missing!  Here’s how it went down . . . R said he needed a new Palm Pilot.  I did the research and they don’t even make those things anymore.  I tried to talk him into getting a smart phone with a Google calendar compatible calendar and he wouldn’t.  So, I got him an iPod Touch.  I was jealous, and also convinced myself that we needed to be able to sync our calendars, so after much hemming and hawing, I got an iPhone.  I got a refurbed one from At&t, so it was only $9 for the phone, $18 upgrade fee and new 2-year contract.  I could not bring myself to pay for a new phone.  So, now our google calendars are synced, and I’ve given up my paper calendar.  Can you believe it!  But check out all these great things I can do to get and keep organized digitally:

1. gTasks – an app that lets me add tasks and set reminders, etc.  Kind of like my digital to-do list.  I add in things like remembering to pay daycare weekly and buy bagels for the intern’s last day tomorrow.

2. Grocery iQ – You can organize by aisles, stores, etc.  You can create favorites list and with one touch add them to your current grocery list.  I think on a Droid phone you can even add things to your list with verbal cues.  You can sync with a spouse or roommate’s phone so that it’s easy to see what others have added to the list.  It’s owned by coupons.com so you can even get coupons.

3. My Fitness Pal – You enter your weight/height/age, etc, amount of weight you’d like to lose, how much you’d like to lose per week and it calculates the number of calories you should eat per day.  Then you can search a gazillion items to record what you eat.  You can add ingredients for a recipe you’ve made and it will calculate the calories.  You can track workouts and calories burned.

There are so many cool apps!  What’s your favorite?

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