The Working Mom’s Way to Tackle a To-Do List That Never Ends

The Working Mom’s Way to Tackle a To-Do List That Never Ends is to keep that to-do list in rotation and Don’t Ever think you’re going to get it all done.  Don’t think you can make a list and get it all done that day, or that week, or maybe even that month.  The OCD in me wants to cross things off lists and the Traffic Manager in me wants to schedule my life.  So, I am trying something new.  I am making my to-do list more granular, and less overarching. I am breakin’ it down! And I am coming to an understanding with myself that it will never be done, because life is a work in progress and I am going to keep adding to the list.  For instance, gone are the days of an all day Saturday clean/organize/cook-fest.  Here are the days of maybe 20-30 minutes at a time to complete something while Miss M is awake, and only an hour or so after she’s asleep (after day to day things like washing bottle dishes have been completed and time for reading and drinking peppermint tea has been saved).  And coming soon are the days of no time, because I won’t be able to set her on the bed while I dig through old clothes or books – she’ll be busy throwing herself off of the bed in an effort to pull the cat’s tail.

Last night I started my new to-do list, and I started crossing things off, and it felt soooo good.  One of the main things about my new plan is that I probably won’t have time to do one big cleaning or organizing at a time, so why not do one thing a day.  And by the time the week (or so) is done, it will be time to circle back around to Thing #1.  For my first go around I am including organizing and purging (Oh goodness, I do love getting rid of things, perhaps more than buying things even!).  Re: purging, I usually donate to Goodwill, but I think we’re going to plan a Spring “tag” sale – seriously, that’s what they call them up here.  So anyhow, the first round might take a little longer, because it’s Spring, and I want to Spring Clean while I am at it.  So, I started in our room.  We have one closet, which is all mine and we each have a dresser.  I purged clothes, shoes, purses, etc, and organized what was left.  Next up are the night stands, then I will wipe down all the surfaces.  And I proceeded like that, room to room, and made my list of to-dos.

Also on my list are bigger things, like plan my garden, buy my plants, plant my garden, research car seats, etc.  I am just trying to make things smaller tasks, so they are easier to complete, even if they are done in stages.  And I am trying to be realistic about it.  There just isn’t as much time as there was before, and that is OK.  I want my life to be manageable, so when the weather gets wonderful, I can get out and stop managing my life – and enjoy it! :)

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3 Responses to The Working Mom’s Way to Tackle a To-Do List That Never Ends

  1. Stefania says:

    Love it.

  2. Katherine says:

    And the good news is that tackling that list will only get easier as Miss M gets older, but don’t you wonder what you did with all that time before the baby?
    She is beautiful by the way.

    • jenngator222 says:

      But then you have another one and it gets even harder, right?! :) Your girls are great as well. I love reading your blog, sorry I am a stalker – my husband and I used to know Eric back in his HS band glory days!

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