She is a Me, Myself and I!

We often joke that we can’t believe we let these little Gremlins run around our house (cat & dog).  Not that I view M as my pet, but she is something I take care of, and chose to bring into our lives and our home while committing to always take care of her.  Right now she (obviously) doesn’t talk, doesn’t really go anywhere without us picking her up and putting her there.  She’s getting more and more personality every single day.  She’s growing up FAST! She’s starting solid food.  She’ll be sitting up soon. It is amazing.  I know it’s obvious, but it still blows my mind.  She’s a person! She’ll grow up just like you and me.  She will say, I want this, give it to me, and so on.  She will express herself with words, she will walk and talk, she will have opinions, and already does!  She is really turning out to be very cool.

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2 Responses to She is a Me, Myself and I!

  1. colleen says:

    I almost love this post. Where is the photo??? Ok. I do love this post but I’d love it more with pictures! :)

  2. Amy says:

    She is going to be such a cool person, just as cool as her parents!

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