Just About Ready

It’s amazing how quickly I went from NOT BEING READY to feeling pretty comfortable with being almost ready.

I had a baby shower the last weekend in June, and had such a good time with some close friends and family.  I was given so many generous gifts for Baby Girl Ford.  I was lucky enough to have my parents visiting for almost two weeks.  I enjoyed spending some last minute time with them as our original family of three and getting to be the kid one last time as well.  We completed so many projects, and I am not sure we could have ever been “ready” for this baby without their help on this trip.  I think my dad probably made 8 trips to Home Depot in the first three days they were here.  They have made me feel infinitely more prepared around the house and all the work we did while they were here is really allowing me to feel less anxious and more relaxed now.  And we didn’t spill the beans on the name when they were here – I can hardly believe it.  This might be my best kept secret ever – only 2 people besides Ryan and I know.

Work is winding down, the weather is getting hot hot hot and our bags are packed for the hospital.  Baby Girl Ford is almost 38 weeks cooked and has dropped into position.  As of a week ago, I had started dilating (1cm) – hope that isn’t too much info for you, but I want to document and remember.

Things accomplished in the last 2 weeks:

– Closet system installed in Baby Girl Ford’s closet

– New blinds in Baby Girl Ford’s room

– New floor in laundry room

– Installed carseats and had them inspected

– Washed and put away everything from the baby shower

– Took inventory of baby things, and completed “needed” purchases from registry

– Put together swing, bouncy seat, pack and play, etc. and found homes for all of our new (and 2nd hand – thanks Andrea!) baby items

– Weeded back porch and front planter, mulched front planter, spread moss killer on grass, trimmed all bushes in yard, etc.

– Put up umbrella on back porch to provide shade for Baby Girl Ford

– Replaced all smoke detector and carbon monoxide batteries (not excited, but important!)

– Constructed and upholstered a 3-bass stand

– Decorated Baby Girl Ford’s room with decals

– Trip to IKEA for side table for Baby Girl Ford’s room

– Packed bags for hospital – including items for Ryan, for me, snack bag, air mattress for Ryan, electronics, etc.

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5 Responses to Just About Ready

  1. Amy says:

    I’m going to have to consider this a list of things to do! How exciting! I know you guys are super psyched–we can’t wait to meet Baby Girl Ford!

  2. Jen says:

    I can’t believe it is almost time!!!! Time flies. So excited for you and Ryan and izzie and jasper too! And baby girl clothes shopping!!!!!! I think she can call me Auntie Shoppy. lol

  3. andrea says:

    it’s exciting! I almost wish i was 2 weeks till my due date again :) and you are welcome again for the stuff, wish I had been there for the shower though. can’t wait!

  4. Miranda says:

    Eek! Super excited for you all!
    (also: honoured to be one of the two name know-ers. I promise I haven’t told anyone, even though I am half a world away)


    xox xox xox


  5. jenngator222 says:

    Was searching for something else and came across this. So funny to read my old writing just before having my first child. Oh lordy what I didn’t know then.

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