Two Pink Lines and Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

Well, you may or may not have noticed that I have really been slacking on the blogging.  This is partly because I am lazy and partly because I haven’t yet wanted to blog about the biggest thing that’s going on in our lives.

Here we go . . .

As you can see above, I’m pregnant.  Here’s how it all went down, without the gory details (because my mom reads this blog – sometimes!)

May 5, 2009:

Ryan passes his big important oral exam and moves closer to completing his Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA). On our car ride home we are both thinking about it, and much to my surprise Ryan speaks first. We decide to move forward with something we’ve been discussing for the last few months – having a child.

May 18, 2009:

We have a shot of rum after a long day at work, and on our way out the door to Black Eyed Sally’s for Fried Chicken, Pulled Pork, Collard Greens, Mashed Potatoes and Sweet Potato Fries we shake on the following deal (which I agree to only because I feel the odds are very low and I’ve had a drink or two):

If we have twins, a boy and a girl, I agree to name them Shannon and Seamus. Shannon I am fine with, Seamus seems way too hard for a poor child to learn to spell.

August 2009: We have our last hurrah in the form of a trip to Alaska!

November 22, 2009:

We’re planning to head to New Hampshire for Thanksgiving and I know there will be lots of beer drinking.  While out running errands, I grab a pack of 3 pregnancy tests.  I take one soon after arriving home, just before Ryan is about to step on stage for an orchestra gig, and about 4 hours before he’ll be home.  I assume it won’t be positive as the others have not been.  And low and behold, what do you know?  Positive.  It’s so hard, but I don’t call my mom.  I tell the dog of course, and the kitty.  I clean the house.  FINALLY, Ryan gets home and I tell him.  I take another to be sure, and then another the next morning.  Wow, this is really happening.

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7 Responses to Two Pink Lines and Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

  1. Stefania says:

    YAY! Congrats sweets. So happy for you guys.

  2. Amy says:

    WAHOO! I was wondering when you were going to post about this. :) So very excited for you guys! xoxo

  3. andrea says:

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) i’m so glad to finally see it in writing!

    i’m so happy for you! i can’t wait to see you all big bellied and for you to feel the moving and kicking and to be parents!!!

    Seamus is a wonderful name! it was on my list, ryan has great taste :)

  4. Jen says:

    Sooooo excited for you two!….now 3.

    Can’t wait to start buying stuff for the new addition to the Ford family. Any more info on due date? I say July 22. calling it now! ;)

  5. miranda says:


    I totally just googled “is eat pray love a true story” after your twitter update. ;) and I find this fabulous news!

    Congrats, and much much love to you all.


  6. laura says:

    WOW!!!! So exciting! SO close to our little time line! I am so excited for the two of you!

    I like your twin names, couldnt you have had twins too???

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