Just in time for Christmas . . .

. . . I am finally posting about Thanksgiving.  Wow, where has this fall gone.  I’m exhausted.

Thanksgiving was awesome.  So much family gathered in one place.  It was all of one side of my family, minus my parents and one cousin and his wife (we missed you!).  Our friends Gretchen and Graham joined us with their 2 doggies.  We ate, we drank, we ate some more.  I’ve included some photos (some borrowed from Cousin Matt – thanks!).

Evelyn and Ginny play with Will's new cat Bandit

Gretchen and Graham meet the baby cows

Izzie, probably begging for some turkey or stuffing

Ryan walking with Izzie in the field, Chloe decided to stay close to home

Family and Friends

After dinner walk

Haines cousins, minus Ben

Friends Forever :)

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