I can’t get babies off the brain lately. How can you blame me, they are all around me. And they are adorable. I guess they aren’t really ALL around me. A friend at work is pregnant, and I am enjoying every second of watching her belly grow on a daily basis. I have never known someone who was pregnant that I saw almost every day of their pregnancy. I think it’s pretty neat. One of the blogs I read almost every day will soon become the blog of not only a wife, but also a mother. And of course there’s our newest and most adorable addition to Book Club, Luke. I am so enjoying spending time with Luke, and learning about motherhood from Jenna. Also, at work, we’ve been championing a short term disability insurance plan that would essentially act as maternity leave, which is great, since they haven’t figure out what actual paid maternity leave will be yet. I am not saying I am ready to have a baby, but I am sure am thinking about it (and talking about it) a lot lately. I guess that means I am almost a grown up. Double yuck.

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2 Responses to BABIES ON THE BRAIN

  1. Katie says:

    Correction: You do not have to be an adult to have a baby. At least, not in my house.

    What does the hubby say about all this baby talk nonsense? :)

  2. Stefania says:

    Cheers on the not having to be an adult to have a baby, especially when you are just talking about it.
    Baby talk is fun… have fun. Being serious is overrated…

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