My husband doesn’t read my blog. I would be constantly reading his, if he had one. It’s not that I am the jealous type, because I am certainly not. I would just want to know what he was writing, what he was feeling about things, and what things he was pondering. It’s not that he doesn’t tell me those things, he does. I just think it would be interesting to read his writing. I like reading his reviews of books on Goodreads. In college, he had to create a website about himself, and I loved visiting it. Now he has a real live website. And I love visiting that too. It’s just interesting how different we are in that respect. I think he’s just more private. And don’t even try to tell me he really does read my blog. A few days ago he actually apologized for not reading, and asked me if I cared. Of course, I said No.

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1 Response to MEN ARE FROM MARS

  1. Stefania says:

    My husband doesn’t read my blog either… unless I tell him that I wrote something nice about him. Then after he reads it I ask him what he thinks and he says “I know I’m awesome.”

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