I have to stop eating like it’s going out of style. I’ve noticed that I just eat and eat until I am overly and uncomfortably full. Yuck. Anyhow.

Ryan had gigs and rehearsals all weekend, so I hardly saw him. Except for now. And I am blogging and getting ready to roll out workamjig at work tomorrow.

On Saturday, I went wine tasting with Ryan and Jen. We went to 6 wineries:
Land of Nod
Sunset Meadow
Connecticut Valley Winery

Not in that order. But I can’t remember what order, because I was drinking wine. Ryan was driving. So needless to say I spent Saturday evening sleeping it off. I bought 6 bottles of wine. I am quite a shopper when I am drinking.
On Sunday, Ryan had to get up early again for a gig. It didn’t matter, because I was already up because Izzie was making a lot of noise to get out of her crate (thanks, my pre-baby!) I spent the morning baking bread, cleaning the house and trying to stay warm. We just finally turned the heat on tonight. When you’re poor, heat is a frill. I’m just kidding of course, but we were trying to hold out as long as we can. Once you turn the heat on, it’s on for like 6 months! Izzie and I went over to Jenna’s for a play date with Max. Brian was kind enough to watch the doggies and Luke while Jenna and I had a little outing at Trader Joe’s. On my way home from Glastonbury, I saw this cute little display in support of Obama! Then, it was dinner with Ryan, Jackie, Chris & Jim at Chili’s. And now I am uncomfortably full.

And here’s a little Izzie video. The sound is horrible, because I am vacuuming. I don’t know how I get any cleaning done with this monster following me around trying to save me from the Vacuum.

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