Today I got a sandwich from Au Bon with A LOT of dirt in it, folded up in the lettuce. I purposely didn’t take a picture, because I knew I would be tempted to post it. I am having trouble letting it go. It was really gross. Janet called the Manager and he came to our office. I kinda yelled at him. I don’t think I was too far out of line. He tried to make an excuse that they were probably busy and didn’t have time to wash the lettuce, and that while they are supposed to wash it, it is triple pre-washed before they get it. He gave us a bunch of free catering, which really doesn’t do me any good, since I am never eating there again. I called and made a verbal complaint with the Hartford Health Department. I don’t think this is out of line. I think it’s important to have those kind of things on file, so that if it ever happens again, they have a record. And sounds like they might need an inspection. Also, I just sent an email to their corporate feedback contact on their website. I don’t think I took it too far. God knows if I screwed up like that, my clients would take it to my boss. So, why do I feel so guilty? (And a little scared that the scary manager is going to come murder me at my house?)

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