It’s only been a week, and it feels like I need another vacation already. Anyhow, here’s the rundown of the week, with some pictures. I was really a slacker and didn’t take many pics. Some of these are stolen from Andrea – thanks Dre!

We got in on Saturday, and spent the weekend with our families. I neglected to take any pictures of my nieces, because I am a horrible Aunt. I did take a few pictures on a boat ride with my dad.

Here’s the view of my childhood house, from the water.

Here’s my dad in his boat.

On Monday, we headed up to the Cocoa Beach area to hang out with the Fritzs for a few days. We had a great time relaxing, going to the beach and going to the pool.

Julie and Fritz’s neighborhood has wild peacocks everywhere!
Their feathers were still a little raggedy from the recent hurricane.

On Thursday, we went back south to Ft. Lauderdale (see other post).

On Friday, we had a little C/O ’98 reunion at Erika’s house. All 6 of us girls were able to make it with our significant others, babies & dogs (minus Izzie, as she is not flight-ready).Sam & Rafael (down from Savannah, GA)
Erika, Mac & Juno (not pictured – dog, not baby! Numerous cats also not pictured.)

Julie & Fritz (down from Cocoa Beach, FL)

Andrea, Jasey, AJ & Kirby

Jeanine, Brian & Tori

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  1. Amy says:

    Oh my god, your reunion was all couples! Aw, so cute.

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