I was originally going to write about Fall, and how much I love fall. I’ve been admiring the leaves for days now, and it was really putting me in a great mood. . . until this morning. Now, I feel like the glory of fall is lost on me, because all I can think about is prepping for winter. I was happy to have spent last night cleaning the garage with Ryan’s help, so I can fit my car inside to keep it safe from the snow. What I am not happy about is that I took my car in today for some winterization, and I am now $2k in the hole. I expected $500, maybe even $800, but this is outrageous. I can now say I am feeling the bad economy. Until now, I felt like it was looming, but not really affecting me yet. Now, I feel like I will never eat out again, like I should start selling my stuff on e-bay, or that I should get a second job. I don’t even have kids to support! How depressing! Time to tighten the purse strings even more. I promise to try to get back into Fall soon, really I do.

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  1. butterflygal341 says:

    I hear ya…we just spent an assload on Scott’s car as well. I swear, once the title is in your hand, you don’t have it long before you either start making repairs or wanting to trade it in and hope you get enough for a downpayment…it’s terrible.

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