It’s the same every week. Some weeks it’s worse than others, some weeks it’s not bad at all. Sunday always gets me and gives me mixed emotions. I always wake up with a sense of accomplishment. I done so much already in the weekend, and I still have an entire day ahead of me. As the day goes on, I start to think about the end of the weekend. And then I start to think about the beginning of week. And that’s when I start to get depressed. Tonight I feel especially mopey (however you spell that!).

I started out the weekend, or I should say I rounded out the end of the week, with a wicked migraine. Yes, I said wicked. What word did I use to describe my headaches before I moved to New England? I have a feeling that whatever that word was, it did not do my headaches justice. Thanks, mom. Anyhow, we spent Friday night grocery shopping for the fish fry on Saturday. I had to lay down in the darkness before dinner I was feeling so bad. I was also having a freak out because this police helicopter was doing sky laps around our house for about 3 hours on Friday night. I almost made Izzie go to bed without going out to pee!

Saturday, I still had a little headache, and with all the party prep to be done, I wasn’t up for our normal bike ride. This week would have made 4 weeks in a row. Oh well, maybe next week. We got the house in tip-top shape for the party, and Ryan even did a TON of yardwork! After 10 mins before Gretchen & Graham arrived, Ryan made the decision that he needs to go to WPB to see his Grandma, since she’s in the hospital. We got him plan tickets and all packed before anyone arrived. G & G got here safe and sound, and all the doggies got along smashingly! The Fish Fry was a hit. We had a great turnout of really great people (Amy was sick, and we missed her)! The sangria Ryan made was a hit.

Got up super early to see Ryan off. He left here about 6:15am I think. He was back in WPB before G & G and I were even home from breakfast at Pastrami on Wry (I had the Southwest Egg Burrito thingie, it was great!) I guess I need to stop calling WPB home. My home is here now. When I feel homesick, it’s usually only for my parents and for the beautiful breeze off Lake Osbourne that flows through their dining room. G & G stuck around and Gretchen and I took the doggies to the park while Graham watched the gold medal Olympic Men’s Basketball game (go USA). After they took off, Izzie and I just put our jammies back on and lied around. I finished up Season 6, and the series of Sex & the City. I think watching that, having an empty house after a houseful of people, and having Ryan far away just all came together to make me a bit solitary tonight.

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