We had another great weekend. We watched a movie at home (Charlie Wilson’s War) on Friday night. I know it might sound dorky, but that’s my idea of a great Friday night. On Saturday, we had a big breakfast and then I started to get a little stressed about everything I wanted to accomplish this weekend, but after a nice bike ride with the hubby, I calmed right down. We’ve now gone on bike rides on CT’s Rails to Trails for 3 Saturdays in a row. We’re liking exploring while bike riding, meaning locking our bikes up and going off the trail a bit. Last week we hiked over to a stream and sat on some rocks in the middle of the stream for a little while. This week we spotted an old cemetery and explored. We also walked to the front of the cemetery to see where it would spit us out, and it was really neat to see where we ended up. After the bike ride, we got a bunch done around the house. We had a fabulous dinner with Colleen and Dave at our house. Ryan made chicken, black beans and rice. I made a yummy southwestern salad with avocado, chick peas and corn.

Today, we went on a 5-mile hike with Colleen and Dave at Gay City State Park. There were several little streams to hike over. Needless to say, Izzie went through them, instead of over them. She had a great time being off the leash almost the entire time. Afterwards, we lounged around the house, took a nap and then got Ryan a bike helmet. We enjoyed a yummy dinner of Italian chicken and leftovers. Gosh I love eating, and cooking, and cooking with Ryan. We took Izzie on a little walk around the neighborhood to try out her new backpack, so she can hold her own water on hikes. She did pretty well, but she’s pooped from the long hike this morning.

I’m feeling a little anxious tonight. Last week, we decided that since Ryan’s planning to take his exam in late January, planning a big trip for early February for our anniversary might not be the best idea (just in case the test is delayed). I was pretty bummed about that, but it makes sense. Anyhow, we decided that maybe since I do have 3 weeks of vacation, we could look into a week long trip to Florida. I found a great price for tickets online. The thing that’s stressing me out is that it’s in one month. I don’t think I have EVER planned a plane trip (probably even a weekend away) with this little lead time. We were all set to buy the plane tickets, but then I started to feel nervous, and think I should run it by work first. Hopefully tomorrow at this time I will have the plane tickets to Florida, and the price will not have gone up! And hopefully work won’t mind me taking a week off with such short notice!

On another note, my husband is the best! Saturday marked 6-months of marriage for us. On Friday, I finished putting all of our proofs into 4 albums! We also got some framed wedding pictures hung up in the hallway. He’s got such patience to put up with my stressing out. He even went so far as to have a nightmare about my job the other day for me, so that I could sleep peacefully – what a guy!

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