The A/C is broken at work. It’s been broken since Monday. It is unbelievably warm, stuffy, humid, blah, blah, blah in here. I can’t stop compaining, I can’t focus, I am getting nothing done. The property management company brought in portable A/C units, but they just aren’t doing it. It’s too large of an area. My head hurts. I am sweaty, sticky and stinky. This could go on for 2 more weeks they said. To make matters worse, my office is directly above the kitchen of a mexican restaurant.

We’re heading to Florida tomorrow for Ben & Kristen’s wedding. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone, to being present for their marriage, and to living it up in Gainesville, but I am NOT looking forward to the heat.

I think the weather here is bad, but it’s going to be nothing compared to Florida:

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