We had a great 4th of July weekend! After a crazy day at work on Thursday, we headed up to New Hampshire to see my Aunt Ginny & Uncle Rick. We also saw my cousins Will & Dan, Dan’s wife Jess and their new baby (3 mos. old), Evelyn. Izzie had a fabulous time swimming in the pond and frolicking in the tall hay. On the fourth, we went to the kids parade in Contoocook (forgot my camera!) where kids decorate their bikes and ride in a parade – so cute. Then we hung around for the regular parade (very small). Then we went over to Houston Field for hamburgers. We also enjoyed a cookout at Cathy’s house and a private fireworks display. On Saturday, my parents enjoyed working the farmers’ market with Rick & Jess. Dan played guitar and even sang a song or two! On our way to get Ethiopian food on Saturday night in Hartford, my Dad’s van broke down. We ended up watching the Manchester fireworks while we waited for my dad to ride home with the tow truck guy and come back to pick us up. Today, we walked to the Coventry farmers’ market with Jen & Harley and got lots of goodies – kettle corn, goat cheese, red leaf lettuce, fudge, and more! We enjoyed a cookout at Jen & Ryan’s house with both of their parents.
Oh, and because my dad’s van is for sh*t now, they’ll be staying in CT indefinitely, until they get a new transmission. This is great for me, except that we’re flying to Florida on Thursday for Ben & Kristen’s wedding. It’ll take them two days to drive home, and have none of the clothes they need for the wedding, so if they don’t leave by Wednesday am, we may have to start thinking about flying them home so they can make it to the wedding. I guess we’ll see tomorrow when my dad takes the van in.
So, except for that, it was a great weekend, why does it have to end? Thank you ancestors, for fighting for our Independence and allowing me to have a 3-day weekend. And of course, thank you to those who continue to ensure our freedom!

In the picture above, I had a hard time capturing Izzie running in the hay grass – she was so fast!

PS. I also enjoyed assessing how awesome my garden is doing, and noticing the first bloom (of many to come) on our day lilies.

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1 Response to HAPPY 4th OF JULY

  1. Colleen says:

    oh my gosh, your dog is so freaking cute! And congrats on your garden, it looks so great and healthy!

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