Ryan and I have almost completed our side work of auditing a national billboard campaign in Hartford for a fast food chain that will remain unnamed. Only 2 more pictures to go. The kicker on this one is that a lot of them had to be done at night, to show if the lights were working or not. Anyhow, we’re almost done. I have had a lot of cravings for fast food this week, and I may have indulged a few of those cravings! After the Tom Petty show we went for a sundae and saw this:

Speaking of the Tom Petty show, it was awesome. I’ve been telling the stories about how I am too old for lawn seats, and I decided I don’t want to write about it. I saw some disturbing things that I want to forget about and not associate with this great musical performance. So, the show was awesome. He sounded so great, the Heartbreakers sounded so great. I think there were only 2 songs I didn’t know, and they were covers anyhow. It was really fun to go to a concert, I haven’t been to one in a while. Thinking about getting tickets for Counting Crows in August, but not sure if I can brave the lawn seats again.

Started the new book club book, Escape, today. I’m liking it so far. I shouldn’t spill the beans on how I feel about it really before book club in July.

Sonny is staying with us this week while his parents, Lisa & John, are in Washinton State. We took izzie and Sonny over for a play date with Max this morning. It was great to see Jenna & Brian and to sit on their new porch watching the doggies play. Izzie was so good, she didn’t even jump in the pool. Around lunchtime, I went to Narcissus Chocolate Cafe with Jenna and Colleen. The salad was good and the mango gelato was great. Don’t go if you’re in a hurry. Nice atomosphere, I enjoyed sitting around on the couch gabbing with the girls for a while. It stormed like crazy this evening and I found out Sonny doesn’t really seem to like storms. I ended up putting him in his crate, he was just panting and shaking like crazy. Izzie wet the bed (crate) for the second time in 2 weeks. Not sure what that is about. Don’t think she was afraid of the storm. I feel really bad rubbing her nose in it, but I guess that’s what I am supposed to do. She’s just so stinkin’ cute.

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  1. Cory says:

    Your golden arches are open until 4?!?! That’s amazing!

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