I left work right at 5pm yesterday (wahoo) for book club at Beverly’s. I had finished the book, and I think the conversation about the book was actually pretty substantial this month. I felt like I had some good input. Enough of that book crap – I just LOVED seeing my girls! It’s just so great catching up with everyone. Jenna will be giving birth any day now, which is just insane, and I think she thinks so too. It’s just so exciting. Cliche I know, but I just feel the anticipation (good) and excitment in the air. It’s a huge event in her life, and a huge event for book club too – the first one of the core, original group is having a baby! And she looks just adorable. When Chris got home, we made him take some pictures of us all. So silly, but I just wanted to hug everyone all night – wanted to let them know how happy I am to have them in my life! My girls. I have girls. And they’re mine.

Ryan did the first round of the night billboard audit last night. I stayed up late to make sure he got home ok – there was another crazy storm and the boards aren’t in the greatest of neighborhoods. We’re going to see Tom Petty tonight! I’m pysched and anxious at the same time. Psyched because, well, hello – it’s Tom Petty. I’ve always wanted to see him. But anxious (I know, silly) because I’ve already been up late this week and I know I’ll be up late again on a “school night.” I just hate getting behind on sleep. I feel like I have been so tired lately, but that it’s getting better, so I don’t want to ruin it with a week of bad sleep. The heat doesn’t help me sleep either, but it seems to be letting up, thank goodness!

Book Club book for this month is Escape by Carolyn Jessop.

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