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27 weeks

Less than three months left.  Yikes.  Weather is warming up, not sure if it’s here to stay.  I liked the warmer weather during the day, but I think it’s going to kill me at night.  I’m getting pretty uncomfortable sleeping.  … Continue reading

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Happy Earth Day

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First Look at the Nursery

Ryan and Chris, my heroes, painted the nursery this weekend while I hung out in Boston.  We scored a crib and changing table from my boss, and a glider and ottoman from Craigslist.  We’re heading to IKEA in a few … Continue reading

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15 More Weeks to Find the Fear

Right now I am in my 26th week – wow!  Only 14 more (maybe) Saturdays to sleep in.  Only 14 more (maybe) baby free weekends. I went on a solo trip to visit my cousins in Boston this weekend, and … Continue reading

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Sugar High

I love candy, sweets, sugar, chocolate, etc.  My urine tests have been coming back just fine at the doctor’s office, but today I mentioned that I have been eating a lot of candy at work and he told me to … Continue reading

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Oh Happy Day

I know she didn’t “tag” me, and doesn’t even know me, but Leslie over at Five to Nine did ask on her blog today “Do you have ten things you’re happy about right now?”  And so I am going to … Continue reading

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Daycare Search Begins

I want to try to blog more.  I want to remember this time in my life.  And look back on it and laugh at how very naive I was!  A friend of mine who is just about as far along … Continue reading

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The heartbeat test was right . . .

It’s a GIRL!  Based on our 20-week ultrasound, we’ll be adding yet another girl (all our pets are girls) to our household.  The doctor told us they wouldn’t tell us the gender unless they were 99% sure.  They make you … Continue reading

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The Quickening?

I’m sad to report the passing of my Grandpa Bill, my mother’s father, on Friday, February 26, 2010.  He was 95 years old.  He was under the care of Vitas (hospice) and was very calm and comfortable, with my mother … Continue reading

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17 weeks

Deep breath.  Ok.  I am going to do it.  I am going to post a belly picture.  And one where you can see my actual skin.  This picture was taken at 16 weeks and 5 days.

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