Oh Happy Day

24 Weeks

I know she didn’t “tag” me, and doesn’t even know me, but Leslie over at Five to Nine did ask on her blog today “Do you have ten things you’re happy about right now?”  And so I am going to tell you that I DO! (I am even stealing the title of her post).

1.  The Weather.  Finally it’s warming up – it was in the 90’s yesterday and 80’s today. I know it’s not here to stay, but it doesn’t matter.  Winter is gone, gone, gone!

2. Walking.  Thanks to the warm weather, I have been walking the dog (and myself) again.  We’ve made it out two out of three mornings before work so far this week, and three out of three afternoons after work.  And this is good for me, because I just officially quit the gym.

3. I am also going to say Leftover Easter Candy, but I do not have any moderation.

4. Hand me down maternity clothes.  I am saving a bundle thanks to my friends passing along their clothes!

5. My partner in crime – he’s really pampering me, taking care of me, doting on me, and generally letting me get away with a lot.  He’s been really feeling like a partner as we make big life decisions concerning baby.  He’s visited 6 day cares in one week with me, because we’re a team!

6. Reading.  I’ve been so out of reading since I’ve been pregnant, but I am started to get back into it.  I completed the last book club book (my choice), Serendipity by Louise Shaffer and I’ve already started the next book, Still Alice by Lisa Genova.  It feels good to crawl into bed with a book again.

7. My tummy.  It’s getting bigger.  Now I really understand what Colleen meant when she said she was going to miss her tummy after giving birth.  There’s a baby in there, and it still blows my mind.  I feel her move so much now, and that’s only going to be cooler and cooler.  I could sit in bed all night with my hands on my tummy, guessing what position she’s in in there. Is she awake? Or kicking in her sleep like I do?  Sometimes I forget I am pregnant, or more often, I just don’t think about it.  I get really busy at work, and it’s just not the first thing on my mind, but then she moves, and I remember what’s really important in life!

8. Naps.  I just love naps. I am taking a lot of them now, to prep for not taking one again for about 16 years.

9. Day Care Providers.  We looked at six of them last week.  Even the ones that I wasn’t crazy about taught me something, and I am happy to say we’ve almost made a decision.

10. Female Fetus Ford. She’s what’s going on with us, and we love it.

I’d love to read the happy listings of:





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6 Responses to Oh Happy Day

  1. sylvanstyle says:

    Ha! So glad you have plenty to be happy about, too – we clearly have plenty in common. I’m not pregnant, so I can’t say that all of the items on your happy list apply to me at this moment, but they have before and I hope they will again.
    Wait: with the exception of naps. I end up down for the count and unable to fully recover.
    Of course, as you know, my son hasn’t hit the 16-year mark – so you make a good point: I wouldn’t be getting naps even if I wanted them.

  2. andrea says:

    you look amazing!!! you really will miss the tummy, i started missing it the day after Ryan was born. and having a bunch a friends that are prego is not good for me (or jasey for that matter) cause i want another one!!! hopefully i’ll get to my 10 things today, lots to do after getting home late last night from our week being gone. love you, talk to you soon!

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  4. andrea says:

    hey jenn, finally posted my happy list, just wanted to let you know. i think i did the like to your page correctly? still figuring out all this crazy blog stuff.

  5. andrea says:

    *link* not *like*

  6. andrea says:

    sorry having a problem think it’s fixed :)

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