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28 :: May

The last couple weeks have been tough and exciting at the same time. I had some kidney stones, made a few trips to the ER and eventually had surgery to get them removed. I wrote about it a little bit … Continue reading

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23 :: May

Just a few fun photos from my camera! My cousin brought this when she came to visit for R’s graduation!   It seems like the fighting might be slowing down just a little bit and the loving moments might be … Continue reading

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Graduation Day!

R has been working on his doctorate on and off for about ten years and I’m so proud to say that he’s finally completed it! When he started we weren’t married, didn’t own a house, didn’t have a dog, didn’t … Continue reading

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I wrote a little bit about R and M’s trip to Nashville over Spring Break here, but here are more photos!

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“Spring” Trip to New Hampshire

      We kept waiting for the weather to warm up and Spring to arrive so that we could head north to New Hampshire. Eventually, we just gave up and went anyway during the last weekend in March. There … Continue reading

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Baby’s First Christmas

      We had a great trip to Florida and I think S had a great first Christmas! (More coming later on M and S’s Santa presents). We arrived on Saturday and had a nice relaxing afternoon visit with … Continue reading

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Baby’s First Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving in New Hampshire. We were able to get out of dodge early on Wednesday and left town by 2pm. We had two good nights sleep wise from the girls. S was pretty clingy while we … Continue reading

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17 :: November

After over six months, it finally got too cold in New England for my Floridian mother and she fled back south. My father left a few weeks early as planned, but my mom stayed around to help us with a … Continue reading

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Finally Some Love!

Finally, M is showing S some love again!  I think it must be because S is now sitting up unaided, but M is finally showing some interest again in her baby sister. On Saturday night we had S sitting up … Continue reading

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A Visit From Grandma

We had a lovely visit from Grandma J from Florida to help us celebrate M’s third birthday and S’s dedication. We had perfect summer weather, with nice cool evenings. These are the summer nights spent with family, eating outside and … Continue reading

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