Baby’s First Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving in New Hampshire. We were able to get out of dodge early on Wednesday and left town by 2pm. We had two good nights sleep wise from the girls. S was pretty clingy while we were there, not really letting me put her down or anyone else hold her for any length of time or if I was in view. Today she seemed very tired and fussy as well. It looks like her top two teeth are about to bust through. I hope they hurry up and do so!

Look how excited M is to be on the road to New Hampshire! And she made an adorable turkey hat at school.

11-27-13 M on road to NH

S was pretty exhausted on the day after Thanksgiving. I finally got her down for a morning nap and the only safe place to put her to sleep (pack and play was in our room in the barn) was on the cat’s pillow on the floor. Sorry S.

11-29-13 S catnap3

Now that R’s thesis is turned it, he’s finally getting some good time with S.11-28-13 S and Dad

My cousin Jon, M and S’s “great cousin” is pretty tall!

11-28-13 S and Cousin Jon

A relaxed family photo after Thanksgiving dinner.
11-28-13 after dinner 2

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1 Response to Baby’s First Thanksgiving

  1. colleen says:

    what a beautiful photo of your family!

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