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It’s Not a Problem Unless . . .

Want to know when it IS a problem? Head on over to to see what I’m writing about today in preparation for Moms for Moms Day tomorrow. Thanks for all of your support! (And thanks to Colleen for the … Continue reading

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Judgment Free Parenting

Today over at I’m talking about Judgment Free Parenting. I hope you’ll join me. Want to help us spread the message? We hope you’ll consider snapping a photo or blogging about judgment-free motherhood to help celebrate Moms for Moms … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye to Jasper

A week ago we said goodbye to our 15-year-old black cat Jasper. A lot has changed since I first adopted her, but she was still my first baby girl and it was really tough. I adopted Jasper the summer after … Continue reading

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Maybe Just One More?

Today I’m over at trying to talk myself out of having another baby. If only S wasn’t so darn cute.

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13 :: December

Well, after a particularly trying week with my three year old, I’m making some changes for us, myself included.  By 6am today, M had already lost her visit with Santa this afternoon. I don’t really believe that threatening kids and … Continue reading

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If You’re Not . . .

It’s Monday, so that means I’m over at blogging about my first real solo night out since having my second daughter. Hope you’ll join me.

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When Companies Do Good Things

Here’s my latest post on Some co-workers and I formed a committee and we got company sponsored volunteer time added as one of our benefits of employment!

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Working It or Just Making It Work?

Wahoo – I actually posted on my personal blog twice this past week! Today I’m over at CT Working Moms talking about Working It or Making It Work. It’s Friday at 11am. My office phone rings and I see daycare … Continue reading

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No Stuffed Animals Are Safe

Now that I’ve got the regular thing going over at, I’m really slacking on my personal blog.  Really these things shouldn’t overlap. The personal blog is more about milestones and funny family stories, but none-the-less it suffers. There are … Continue reading

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Monday Momfession

Today I’m over at again. This week, I’m confessing: I hide in the bathroom. I’m really excited to say that I will now be a regular contributing blogger. Thank you to Michelle and the other moms for the opportunity!

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