First Family Car Trip – Summer 2015

A few weeks ago we took our first real family vacation! We’ve gone several far away places with our parents or to visit our parents and we’ve done lots of under 5 hour car trips, but we’d never done a full on road trip, week out of work vacation as just a family of four. I anticipated the worst. Two days there and two to three days back in the car with a five and 2 year old sounded like a nightmare. But overall the trip was wonderful, restful and full of quality family time.

We left mid- morning on a Thursday and drove towards North Carolina, stopping for the night in Virginia.

08-06-15 Car trip M 08-06-15 Car trip S

The next day we drove to our first destination – Winston Salem, North Carolina. We visited some of our best friends from high school and finally got to meet their children.

08-09-15 Winston Salem Dads 08-09-15 Winston Salem Moms

We spent one of our days with the Winston Salem crew out at their river. We had a campfire, hot dogs, scores and tubing down the river.

After three nights in Winston, we drove only an hour and a half to Charlotte to see some of our best friends from college. They have a little girl the same age as S and just had a second girl.

08-13-15 Gwennie in Charlotte

While in Charlotte, we visited the Charlotte Nature Museum (butterfly garden below) and Discovery Place.

08-11-15 Charlotte Nature Museum M 08-10-15 Sisters in Charlotte Hotel

After three nights in Charlotte, we left for our final adventure – a day at Sesame Place!  We drove one very long day and then spent the next day at the theme park.

08-14-15 Sesame Place Entrance 08-14-15 Sesame Place M Bert Ernie 08-14-15 Sesame Place M Carousel 08-14-15 Sesame Place M Grover 08-14-15 Sesame Place Ride 2 08-14-15 Sesame Place S Carousel 08-14-15 Sesame Place 08-14-15 Sesame Place1

We spent 10 hours in the park! By the end we were all exhausted but it was a very fun day! There was a lot more to do there than I thought there would be. The kids loved all of the rides – wet and dry. They were just about the perfect ages. M loved the characters and S was terrified of them, so I am kind of glad that the character meals were sold out by the time I decided to book one. Here’s a fun video of R riding one of the rides with the girls.

After a long day at Sesame Place and a not so great night sleep in a not so great hotel, we hit the road for home sweet home. I thought I’d miss home more than I did, but it was really wonderful to be on the road with my family. We listened to way more than cheesy kids music in the car, but this song is a great example of the fun times we had.

I can’t wait for a next year.

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