5th Birthday in NYC

Somehow I came up with the idea that I would take M alone to NYC for her fifth birthday. We rode the train in, went to the Central Park Zoo, had Dippin’ Dots for lunch, went to the Top of the Rock, got ice cream, checked into our Times Square Hotel, ordered room service and ate dinner in bed, had milk and cookies, watched TV, had a great night of sleep, ate cookies for breakfast, went to the Disney Store (got an Elsa dress) and took the train home. It was a whirlwind trip, but a lot of fun!

07-26-15 M NYCTrain  07-26-15 M NYC Dots

07-26-15 M NYC CPZ 4D  07-26-15 M NYC CPZ Goats

07-26-15 M NYC Cookies in Bed  07-27-15 M NYC Elsa Dress


She was a champ int he big city, especially considering how tired she probably was from having her birthday party the day before!

07-25-15 M and S bday party 07-25-15 M Arseny Flowers 07-25-15 M Bday Party Sign

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