Farm Day

Our local children’s museum does an annual farm day fundraiser. This is our second year attending. It’s at a local dairy farm that makes its own ice cream and the day boasts all you can eat ice cream!

It was tough to keep S from hugging all of the animals.

8-30-14 Farm Day Petting Zoo

8-30-14 farm day s alpaca


It was also tough to keep S out of the bounce houses. We compromised and let her go down the slide with supervision.

8-30-14 Farm Day Slide S and Dad


I think this was the first time M got her face painted. It’s a unicorn, in case you can’t tell ;)

8-30-14 M Farm Day

When M saw this guy, she asked me if he was the Easter Bunny:

8-30-14 farm day w easter bunny


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