Make Way For Ducklings: Boston Birthday

When I was about four I loved the book Make Way for Ducklings and when we were in Boston, my parents took me to the Public Gardens. My mom had the great idea to take M there for her birthday! She hadn’t read the book, so we got a copy from the library a few days before and starting hyping up the trip. M didn’t disappoint – she had a great time feeding the ducks and riding the swan boats. We drove over for the morning, walked around the park, rode on a swan boat, had lunch, braved the rain to run back to the car and were home by mid-afternoon. I love living so close to so many great places!

7-27-14 M bday Boston Ducks 1

7-27-14 ducklings


After dinner we had ice cream cupcakes!

7-27-14 M bday candle

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