18 Months Old

S is 18 months old already! I know I say it every time, as does every other parent, but time really flies by! It seems like both yesterday and years and years ago that I had a baby.

Here's our little climber after getting herself up on the chair to reach a paper towel on the table.

Here’s our little climber after getting herself up on the chair to reach a paper towel on the table.

Weight: 21.4 lbs (10th percentile)
Height: 32 inches (55th percentile)
Looks like my girls are very similar in stats at this age.
S doesn’t seem as vocal as M was, but when I look back at posts, I see she’s just about on par. She’s much more physical. She will climb up on top of the dining room table if you turn your back for one minute and you can easily pull her off the coffee table 10 times in two minutes. She can get up on the bed by herself and she runs pretty fast. She has strong opinions and has started throwing herself on the ground and throwing a fit when she doesn’t get what she wants – like my phone or my drink. She still doesn’t seem to have a word for my mom or for M. I noticed just today she does seem to be saying Mamo, so maybe that’s her word for her sister? We’ll see. She starts in the toddler program at M’s Montessori school in about a month and we’re very excited about that. My mom has her 5 days a week all day while R is out of town so much this summer. She love love loves pups-pups and going outside. She’s a big fan of most foods, although I don’t offer enough veggies. She nurses two times a day – once when she wakes up and once before she goes to bed. (I’m planning to drop the morning feeding pretty soon – that’s a CTWM post to come). She’s been going to bed later because it’s summer and I’m not getting home until closer to 6pm with my new job, but she’s usually in bed (or wants to be) by 7pm or so. She wakes up about 5:15am pretty religiously, which has my feeling pretty tired lately. She’s a sweetheart and is quite goofy. She loves playing little games and is starting to really do what M does. Since she doesn’t have words, she’s been known to bite M (or my mom or I) when she’s upset about an injustice against her. That seems to thankfully be slowing down. She likes it when M picks her up (with help), loves sitting on M’s lap and loves giving M hugs. Those things usually happen once every couple of days. Not the love fest I thought it would be between these two sisters yet! I’m not giving up hope :)
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