Birthday Party Success

R is out of town for M’s real birthday, so we celebrated early this weekend. On Friday night, R put together her new big girl bike! We set it out by the fireplace (like Christmas morning). On Saturday morning she went out to the living room, then came in to our bed like she always does. We were all in bed for about five minutes before she asked whose bike was in the living room. She was excited to learnt that it was hers! Unfortunately the front rim was bent so we had to exchange it and we haven’t put the second new bike together yet. She did get to ride the first bike for a little bit before we exchanged it.

7-19-14 M New Bike

We just went with the Target Hello Kitty bike, but it seems a lot sturdier than I imagined a bike with training wheels would be. I think it’s going to be great! She also got some rocks that say “M’s Rock Garden” to add to her rock garden and a set of puppets. A few more presents will come on her actual birthday.

We had a rainbow themed birthday party in our backyard on Saturday which I wrote about over at CTWMs today. I tie dyed shirts for all the kids to take home. It was a great time. While it was a lot of work, I loved having people come to our house and M really seemed to enjoy it! We had the tent (castle) and tunnel out. We had a station for making noodles necklaces. We had tons of bubbles and hula hoops. We had a swing set and soccer nets. We had a basketball hoop and a sprinkler. It was lots of fun!

7-19-14 M bday decorations

7-19-14 M bday candles


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  1. ACH says:

    You are one awesome mama! Those shirts turned out great, and I’m sure M had the best time. Can’t wait to celebrate with you guys in Boston on Sunday!! xoxo

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