New Hampshire Fourth of July

We traveled to New Hampshire for the fourth of July again this year. It’s a lovely tradition that includes a children’s parade, small town parade and as always lots of food, family and fun. This year there was a ton of rain, which was actually kid of nice. It did hold off for our super early morning strawberry picking. M was a champion picker and had a great time. Then it rained quite hard for a few hours, cleared up for the children’s parade and regular parade and then rained really hard for the rest of the day. We had beautiful weather for the farmers’ market on Saturday. M got her money together and used it to buy her first thing – a jar of blueberry jelly. She was quite proud of herself. She had a great time playing with her cousin E, as always. She had such a great time that she did not want to leave and there was a pretty epic fit when it was time to go, including kicking, screaming and a forced entry into the car. Not a super fun way to end the weekend visit – boo.

7-4-14 Strawberry picking

7-4-14 S NH

M took this photo!

7-4-14 NH Kid Parade



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