Video Dump

Now that my phone takes decent videos, I’ve been taking quite a few more!

Here’s a video dump of the most recent ones I’ve taken over the past few weeks.

Here are the girls dancing! S just loves music. We might actually have two musicians on our hands. M has just starting observing Suzuki violin lessons in preparation to take her own lessons starting next fall.

M was never really a climber. I joked that she didn’t learn to climb up on the couch until she was about two and a half. I think it might be a different story with S. Here she is climbing all over M’s toddler bed.

M was eating her food with her hands the other day and I asked her why she wasn’t using her fork. She said S doesn’t use a fork so she doesn’t want to. Point taken little one. I gave S a fork and was surprised how well she did with it!

We’re still only getting “Uh-Oh” from S in terms of talking. She babbles of course, but doesn’t seem to say Ma-Ma or Da-Da to refer to us. She does however sing “Row Row Row.”

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One Response to Video Dump

  1. ACH says:

    Ahh, so cute! Love M’s little ba-donk-a-donk move in the dancing video. ;) And the last one with S is precious. Can’t wait to see you all in a couple weeks!

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