M Santa Present

This year when my parents were here M enjoyed counting and spotting all of the basketball hoops around the neighborhood with my parents. Santa thought this might be a present she’d enjoy and I kind of prepped her – would you like Santa to bring you a basketball? Yes! So, all she asked for Santa for was a basketball and a new pair of monkey socks, since she’s outgrowing hers and will give them to S. She got a basketball and a basketball hoop – plus monkey socks in her stocking. Since my mom arranged this present with Santa, we decided it would be ok for Santa to deliver it a day early to Grandma Sue’s house. M loved it and spent lots of time at our play date playing basketball. She even got really good at it!

12-23-13 M Hoops 2

12-23-13 M Hoops

Reminder: Last year all she wanted was an umbrella. I love this kid. Dora who?!

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