11 Months Old

On Christmas Day, S was 11 months old! These photos were taken in Florida and really don’t do her spiky hair justice. I’ll post more photos soon where her hair is in its full glory. It’s starting to really remind me of her sister’s hair at this age. She recently went to the doctor for double ear infections just before our Christmas trip to Florida so I can tell you that she weighs in at 17.5 pounds. She sleeps all night. She has 6 teeth through and I think they are just going to keep coming rapid fire. She’s a total goofball. She crawls, pulls up to standing, furniture surfs, walks behind a push toy, eats anything and everything up without any gagging (unlike her sister did at this age). She’s starting to show interest in climbing! She responds to her name and a few other words, blows kisses, gives big open mouth kisses, claps and while always smile when you sing her Row, Row, Row Your Boat.  She’s into everything and wants to touch everything. She knows what she wants, and gets quite upset if that’s taken from her (i.e. M’s toys). She has a distinctive screech that she’s really trying out lately. She puts everything in her mouth, including shoes and dog toys. She likes to dance in her high chair at dinner time.

12-25-13 S 11 months old (1) 12-25-13 S 11 months old (2)

12-23-13 S profile 12-23-13 S

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