12 :: November

11-8-13 M and S

I’ve been doing a horrible job keeping the personal blog up to date and when I go to update it, I realize I’ve also been doing a horrible job taking photos of these little girls. I snapped this one yesterday. There’s still a decent amount to hitting, kicking, pushing etc. going on when S touches one of M’s toys. We’re working on that. Nothing serious and I can tell that she’s just doing it to see how we’ll react because she’s usually looking right at us when she does it. We’ll get there. We’re seeing more love and interaction between the two of them, so that’s really great! I hope they’ll be friends. I always wanted a sister. S is back to sleeping through the night after a quite long rough patch. She still gets up sooooo early – 4:45am anyone? Yikes! The days are getting shorter and the temps are getting colder – winter is well on it’s way and we’re already looking forward to Christmas around here.

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