What a Week: First Teeth!

Within a span of one week, S has started crawling and cut two teeth (bottom front)! No wonder we had so many sleepless nights! Hopefully this means things will calm down a little. Wait, now she crawls, so it is about to get NUTS. M is all up in arms about her moving closer to her things. We can’t keep her away from the dog toys and often find her sucking on them – like this photo taken early morning (hence the darkness):

10-11-13 S with dog toy 2

10-11-13 S with dog toy

And because she’s got some new teeth, we rewarded her with her first finger food – some puffs and some baby cheese puff things. She didn’t really know what to do but managed to get a little bit in her mouth and chew.

10-13-13 S eats puffs1

10-13-13 S eats puffs

It’s all going by way too fast with this baby. Here we are as a family picking out our pumpkin. We would have taken S out of the Ergo for the photo, but she was fast asleep.

10-12-13 Family Roses Berry Farm

We had a check up with S’s eye doctor and she seems to be doing fine – no lazy or crossed eyes. We’ll check back with them in six months, if we don’t see any changes before, to have her eyes dilated again and see how the far-sightedness is progressing.

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